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Domain name Registration Services
.com domain just 9.99$

Spirit Web Solutions, being a provider of comprehensive web design services in Pakistan, offers Domain Name registration service too as it is an integral part of web development services. Domain names are created using prescribed rules & procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS) and serve as your identification on the internet. It can be referred to your address indicating the name of your website.

Spirit Web Solutions in cooperation with a web hosting provider, also provide domain name registration.
We can also do research for you regarding to which domain name contain certain keyword with a lot of searches but not so many in competition. Surely you need to pay an additional fee for such a service.

Website Hosting

Web Hosting

To make the website accessible over the internet via the World Wide Web (www), a web host is required. The web hosting service provider braces a web page with appropriate technology to ensure the smooth running of the website. Sounds simple! But, in actuality, it is not. It involves so many diminutives yet cardinal technicalities, which calls for expertise.


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What We Offer in Web Hosting

SSD Hosting

If you are looking for SSD hosting, you probably want fast and stable hosting overall.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate authenticates a website's identity and enables an encrypted connection.


We make sure that you will get 99.9% Uptime for your website.

Hosting Plans

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